Do you have an issue with a rash appearing on your skin out of nowhere and for no apparent reason? You’re not alone—skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis all can cause rashes and affect millions of Americans according to the American Academy of Dermatology. A dermatologist at Central Wyoming Skin Clinic in Casper, Laramie, and Gillette, Wyoming can help you diagnose, treat, and manage your skin problem.

Do You Have a Rash?
A rash is an inflamed area of the skin that causes it to redden in color. It may also cause the skin surface to look bumpy and cause incessant itching. A case of inflammation is usually the body’s natural reaction to what it may assume is a threat, such as a skin infection or contact with an irritant. A rash will usually go away on its own after a short period of time, but some people struggle with them more than usual and need the help of a skin doctor.

Possible Causes of Rashes
One of the reasons why rashes can be so frustrating for patients to deal with is that they often develop at inopportune times and for unknown reasons. There are numerous possible causes for a rash including:

– An allergic reaction due to contact with chemicals or allergens in the air (skin hives or contact dermatitis).
– Psoriasis, rosacea, acne, or eczema, which have generally unknown causes.
– Contact with poison ivy.
– A skin infection (viral or fungal).

Treatments for Rashes
The way your dermatologist chooses to treat your skin rash will depend on the most likely cause. If it’s due to a skin allergy, an antihistamine cream could help ease the symptoms. For a rash that’s related to an infection, antibiotic or anti-fungal therapy is needed. Medications are available that can help patients with recurrent skin rashes due to psoriasis, rosacea, and similar conditions. Your doctor may also recommend dietary and environmental changes to rectify problems with chronic rashes.

Clearer, Healthier Skin
If you’re having problems with frequent rashes or one persistent rash, it can be treated and managed with the help of a skin doctor at Central Wyoming Skin Clinic in Laramie, Gillette, or Casper, WY. Call (307) 234-0003 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Scott Bennion or Dr. Matthew Green.

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