It appears that there is a mini-epidemic of hand-foot and mouth disease in Casper.  The cause of this illness is viral usually involving coxsackie or enteroviruses.  It begins with tender vesicles on the tongue, gingiva and the lining of the mouth.  Usually it occurs in children under 15 but it can occur in anyone. There is a mild fever and as the disease progresses small grey vesicles develop on the hands and feet.  The eruption can occur on the buttocks especially in infants and small children who wear diapers.  The treatment is supportive with no medication found to be curative.  There have been reports of acyclovir helping but no formal studies have been done to determine if acyclovir has an effect on this disease.  It is contagious and appears to be spread via the oral fecal route,  wash your hands after coming in contact with an infected person.  

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