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Psoriasis is a persistent, inflammatory condition. Some cases of psoriasis are severe and may cover large areas of the body; while others are so mild people don’t even know they have it. Psoriasis is not contagious; however, it can have the tendency to run in families. While the cause is unknown, research indicates that the immune system plays a key role. Psoriasis cannot be cured but a number of treatment options can help control psoriasis.

The Extrac Excimer laser is a unique and effective treatment for Psoriasis that is designed to provide fast, effective relief from dry, itchy, and unsightly psoriasis lesions. Using a carefully focused beam of ultraviolet light delivered through an advanced technology light guide device, this system can treat psoriasis lesions quickly and effectively by reducing inflammation and scaling. The laser concentrates the light only on the lesions, allowing the provider to deliver high doses necessary for rapid clearing while minimizing exposure of healthy skin.

These treatment sessions are fast, easy, and virtually pain free. The frequency of the treatments is different for every patient. Individual results will vary depending on the affected body surface. Most patients experience significant improvement in as few as 6 to 10 treatments; clearance in 10 to 20 treatments depending on severity. Average remission times of 3.5 to 6 months have been reported.

Ask our providers about this new and exciting treatment. The Xtrac Excimer laser treatments are typically covered by many insurance companies. Please check with your insurance to see if this is an option for you.

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