Massage Treatment

Therapeutic Swedish Massage - A body & mind relaxation experience. Designed to reduce muscle tension, soreness, and stress while increasing circulation and blood flow. An overall "feel good" experience for the entire body.

Deep Tissue Massage - A deeper massage designed to penetrate into muscle tissue. Utilizes acupressure points as well as trigger point therapy.

Sports Injury Massage - A massage designed to aid in the healing process of injuries. It helps to reduce both chronic and acute pain caused from injury.

Prenatal Massage - Massage Therapy during pregnancy can reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression, increase circulation and relieve muscle aches and joint pain.

Ashiatsu - A Japanese word meaning foot (ashi) pressure (atsu). It is generally a deep tissue massage performed with the therapist’s well-trained feet instead of the hands! Ashiatsu feels absolutely amazing while giving a deeper, more therapeutic massage than can usually be given with a therapist’s hands. The therapist does not ‘walk on’ the client, rather, traditional style massage strokes are performed with the feet providing a broader surface area of pressure.

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