What is Hidradenitis Suppurativa??
By contactus@wyoskindoc.com
April 15, 2016
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Hidradenitis Suppurativa is an imflammatory skin disease that affects gland-bearing skin in the underarms, neck, inner thighs groin, underneath the breasts and buttocks. It is characterised by reoccuring boil like nodules or abscesses with a pus-like discharge that are difficult to heal and may scar. Hidradenitis often starts at puberty and is most active between the ages of 20-40 years, and in women, can resolve at menopause. It is 3 times more common in females than in males. Many patients with hidradenitis suppurativa also suffer from other skin disorders including acne and psoriasis. Spironolactone has been proven to be an effective treatment however response takes six months or longer.