Stylists Against Skin Cancer
September 29, 2016
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The Stylists Against Skin Cancer campaign focuses on early detection of scalp skin cancer. Hairstylists see the entire scalp, providing an opportunity to notice growths and suspicious lesions that clients might not realize are there. Stylists are known for forming strong relationships with their clients, providing them with the connection to effectively stress the importance of seeing a dermatologist in a timely fashion in order to provide the best opportunity for optimal treatment outcomes. Training hair care professionals across the country in the early detection of skin cancer is a potentially life-saving concept. Stylists are being taught to identify new moles that look different and change in the size, shape, color and feel. The Stylists Against Skin Cancer program empowers hairstylists to become an important link between the public and dermatologists. Please ask your stylist to look for suspicious spots in your scalp because early detection of scalp cancer will lead to better outcomes for cancer treatment. For further details call Central Wyoming Skin Clinic 265-2100