New Thymes Fragrance
August 26, 2016
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White Wisteria

Inspiring in its freshness and fascinating in its complexity; a lush floral breeze blends perfectly with a blend of earthy notes creating a gentle veil of harmony. Fragrance notes of sweet wisteria, smoky oud, juicy grapefruit, earthy oak moss and gentle sandalwood. From Aromatic candles to body lotions, colognes and home fragrance spray, this collection has it all. Nearly 30 years ago, Thymes was founded by two friends with a mutual curiosity and a common desire to make something meaningful and beautiful. Since then, the company has flourished thanks to a shared passion for creativity, botanical ingenuity, beauty and friendship. Thymes fragrances are composed in an on-site fragrance studio, where chemists and perfumers blend nature, art and science to create outstanding products. Thymes has always formulated fragrances with the utmost of care. Drawn from nature, their unique formulations are artfully crafted to create products that are skin-compatible, environmentally friendly, effective and a pleasure to use. They opt for natural, high-quality, plant-based ingredients instead of chemical ingredients whenever possible and use botanical extracts with health-enhancing nutrients, vitamins and vital antioxidants. Medical Skin Care carries of variety of Thymes fragrances and products your sure to fall in love with. Available at 2546 E. 2nd St. Suite 400