Got Vaccines?
January 31, 2018
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There has been an ongoing mythical campaign against the use of vaccines.  Experience with all vaccines over the many decades of use have demonstrated that the protective effects of vaccines far outweighs any possible risks of getting vaccinated against an infectious agent.  This winter this years flu type, H3N2, has killed 30 kids and more adults.  Typically the deaths from flu in the US number in the tens of thousands. The most recent story was of a teenage boy who was healthy who started coughing and died within a week--he hadn't been vaccinated.  This year's vaccine has protective effects on both H1N1 and H3N2 influenza.  Each year the vaccine is produced to cover the virus that is most prevalent in that year.  Usually the types change so if one gets vaccinated each year there will be more protection than if you only get vaccinated occasionally.  There are some super bad flu types waiting in the wings; a bird flu(H7N9) in Asia which is resistant to tamiflu and very deadly has been recently identified.  Vaccination over years will probably give you some protection against these very virulent flu viruses.  And getting vaccinated not only protects you but those around you such as family members.  So get vaccinated--its safe and effective and protects you and those you love from a potentially lethal disease.  More about vaccines for warts and shingles later.