Good Treatments Don't Come Cheap
January 22, 2018
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    It seems that aesthetic clinics are showing up on every corner. Along with them comes the enticing “bargain deals.” Botox and fillers for cheap, facials for next to nothing, the pull can be tempting. But ask yourself, “Is it worth the risk?”

    Cheap treatments never mean best treatments especially when it comes to an asset as important as your face. A good provider will consult with you about your skin concerns and then take a medical approach that is right for your specific skin needs. When it comes to proper skin treatments, one shoe does not fit all. If you find yourself in a clinic that does not consult with you and listen to your concerns, hand tailoring a regimen suited JUST FOR YOU, take your business elsewhere.

    The most important thing to ask yourself before getting any procedure done is, “What are the credentials of this provider?” With something as important as your face, the individual to whom you entrust it to should be one that has several things, proper credentialing, licensure, experience, and positive results. There seems to be an abundance of inexperienced individuals doing procedures. Don’t fall for it! Discounting your face is not worth the risk.