Getting Rid of Unwanted Tattoos
June 17, 2016
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The total number of Americans that have at least one tattoo exceeds 45 million. What seemed to be a good idea at one time in one's life often later becomes a real burden. In the past tattoo removal was tedious, painful and left significant scars. Recent technology advances in lasers have made them much more effective in tattoo removal. The physicians at Medical Skin Care are excited to offer an effective laser therapy for tattoo removal. The Q-switched laser delivers a microsecond burst of energy that literally explodes the tattoo pigment particles without damaging the surrounding tissue thus minimizing scarring. Then the tiny fragments are absorbed by the cells of the body's immune system, effectively removing an array of tattoo ink colors. Most tattoos are treatable with this technology. Usually several sessions are necessary for optimal tattoo removal. Call for more information call 265-2100.