October 09, 2015
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Beau Pelle is developed by Dermatologists in conjunction with Chemists, it is clinically tested anti-aging cream that contains two short chain peptides. These peptides have been lab tested and proven to decrease wrinkles and stimulate collagen and other skin matrix molecules. One peptide acts by relaxing the muscle tissue in the skin to smooth and decrease wrinkles. This effect is prolonged with continued use of the cream. The other peptide promotes repair of damaged collagen and elastin, two major components of the dermis which supports the upper layers of the skin and give it a youthful appearance. Studies on crow's feet with this peptide demonstrated that after using it for 2 months, there was a 33% decrease in wringles. Similar results after using the peptide cream on the forehead were found. The two peptides in Beau Pelle have an additive or synergistic effect  in producing youthful skin. Beau Pelle has undergone clinical trials with patients in our office and the results have been AMAZING!!! All patients using Beau Pelle cream have seen great improvement in their skin and are extremely happy with the positive anti-aging effects with Beau Pelle. For a limited introductory period we will be offering Beau Pelle at a reduced price of $45, normally selling for $75!! Call NOW to order 265-2100