Aspirin Found To Protect Against Melanoma
September 02, 2016
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Recent studies suggest that aspirin ingestion lessens the likelihood of developing colon cancer and possibly other GI cancers. New studies show that postmenopausal women who use aspirin regularly have a significantly reduced risk of developing melanoma, 11%-30% reduction compared to aspirin nonusers. The magnitude of this risk reduction grew with greater duration of aspirin use. Women who have been taking aspirin regularly for less than one year have an 11% reduction in the likelihood of developing melanoma. Those who have been using aspirin regularly for 1-4 years went on to have a 20% risk reduction. And women on aspirin for 5 years or longer were 30% less likely to develop melanoma than nonusers. These relative risk figures were fully adjusted for age, skin type, melanoma risk factors, physical activity, vitamin D intake, smoking status, body mass index, sunburn history, time spent outdoors, sunscreen used, and medical indications for aspirin use. Three- quarters of the aspirin users were on regular or extra strength formulations. The data used in this study were from an analysis of nearly 60,000 postmenopausal participants. So aspirin not only helps prevent heat attacks, strokes, and GI cancers but also melanomas. Perhaps a daily regimen of aspirin would be a very plan for a healthy future.