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March 04, 2016
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Within the last 10 years, many studies have uncovered compelling links between acne and certain foods, especially foods with high glycemic index. The top five dietary factors implicated in acne are carbohydrates, dairy, antioxidants, fish oil, and probiotics. Studies have shown that a low GI (Glycemic Index) diet can improve acne severity. Examples of high GI foods include white bread, baked potatoes and chips. Low GI foods include multi-grain breads, barley, cherries, peanuts and vegetables. Frequent milk and ice cream consumption is associated with an increased risk of acne as well. Eating foods rich with omega-3 fatty acids or taking fish oil supplements benefit both acne and mood. Oral probiotics have been shown to regulate inflammation within the skin. Eating yogurt or taking a daily probiotic supplement has a positive influence on the skin and mind. Diet does indeed impact the skin.